Staff Reports

Executive Board Meeting – November 12, 2014

Item A Membership list
Item C-1 Report From Executive Officer Work Plan Committee (EOWP)

C-1a EO Work Plan Update 10-31-14
C-1b EO Hours Recap 10-31-14
C-1c Proposed CY2015 Agreement for Management and Administrative Services with RGS for Executive Officer
C-1d Proposed 2015 EO Work Plan
Item C-2 Annual Progress Report on Authority Operations and Activities

C-2a – Annual Progress Report 2014
Item C-3 Draft Minutes 9-10-14 Meeting
Item C-4 Staff Report FY13-14 Draft Audited Financial Statements and Auditors’ Report-Maher Accountancy

FY13-14 Draft Audited Financial Statements and Auditor’s Report-Maher Accountancy
Item C-5 Bi-Monthly Report on MERA Reserve Funds Balances
Item C-6 Report #22 on Strategic Plan Implementation
Item C-7 MERA Community Education Update
Item C-8 Report on Forbes Reservoir Utilities Undergrounding Project
Item C-9 Report on Bodega/Bay Hill Tower and Site Leases
Item D-1 Recommendations from Finance Committee Re: Next Gen System Project Implementation

D-1a FY2014-15 Next Generation System Project Cash Flow
D-1b AECOM Report 4-29-10 Narrative and Schedule
D-1c Agency Budget Impacts
D-1d Member Formula
Item D-2 Report #2 from Ad Hoc Subcommittee on COC and Proposed Bylaws

D-2a COC Proposed Bylaws
Item D-3 Proposed Tomales Telecommunication Facility Project

D-3a Proposed Resolution of Necessity RE: MALT Agricultural Conservation Easement
Item D-4 Marin LAFCO Notice of Review-Draft Legislative Proposal on JPAs and LAFCOs

D-4a Marin LAFCO Notice of Review
Item E-1 Proposed Revisions to Additional Radios Policy and Procedures