Staff Reports

Governing Board Meeting – October 28, 2020

Item A-1 Minutes from September 23, 2020 Governing Board Regular Meeting — distributed 10/26/20
Item A-2 Report No 101 on Strategic Plan Implementation
Item B-1 Report No 75 on Next Gen System Project and Approval of Initial Bid Package and Notice Inviting Bids

B-1a Initial Bid Package Approval and Authorization of Notice Inviting Bid
Item B-2 Proposed Extension of Next Gen Project Federal Engineering Services Agreement

B-2a Amendment to Federal Engineering Contract with Statement of Work (SOW), issued 10/19/20
Item B-3 Proposed Agreement for Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)
Interface Costs

B-3a Quote from Hexagon for CAD Interface, dated 10/15/2020
Item B-4 Proposed Motorola Customer Design Documents

B-4a Customer Design Review Categories Overview
B-4b CDR 02-02: Project Schedule — distributed 10/26/20
B-4c CDR 02-03: Radio System Description
B-4d CDR 02-04: Microwave System Description
B-4e CDR 02-18: Site Layout Drawings
B-4f CDR 02-19: Shelter Floor Plans
B-4g Completion of Customer Design Review
Item C-1 Report on Current MERA System Major Maintenance and Repair Evaluation
Item C-2 Update on Proposed Sonoma – Bay Hill Microwave Link Relinquishment
Item C-3 MERA System Operations Update – September
Item C-4 Other Information Items – Aviat Networks
NEWS HANDOUT – Next Gen Project – October 2020 GB Update