Staff Reports

Governing Board Meeting – October 27, 2021

Item A-1 Minutes from September 22, 2021 Governing Board Regular Meeting
Item A-2 Report No 115 on Strategic Plan Implementation
Item B-1 Report No 89 on Next Gen System Project

B-1a MERA/AECOM Project Management Plan
Item B-2 Motorola Contract Change Order #14

B-2a Motorola Contract Change Order #14, dated 10/04/2021
Item B-3 Proposed Change Order – Bid Package #1 – Mt. Barnabe

B-3a Memo: Mt. Barnabe Board Item, AECOM, dated 10/15/2021
B-3b PCO for Mt Barnabe for Fidato, dated 10/13/2021
B-3c MERA Change Order Form for Barnabe Site
Item B-4 Proposed Change Order – Bid Package #1A – Mt. Tiburon

B-4a Memo: Tiburon Board Item, AECOM, dated 10/15/2021
B-4b PCO for Tiburon for Fidato, dated 10/13/2021
Item B-5 Extension to Agreement with Planet Bids

B-5a Contract Modification 01 for PlanetBids
Item B-6 Inspection Services Agreement with 4Leaf

B-6a Memo from AECOM regarding Replacement Inspector of Record, dated 9/27/21
B-6b Proposed Agreement with 4Leaf
Item B-7 Set November MERA Governing Board Meeting Date

B-7a Fiscal Year 2021-2022 Meeting Schedule
Item C-1 MERA System Operations Update – September