Staff Reports

Governing Board Meeting – March 27, 2024

Item A Consent Calendar
A-1 Approve Minutes from February 28, 2024 Governing Board
Regular Meeting
A-2 MERA February 24 Operations Budget Report and Fund(s) Update

A-2a Budget vs. Actual – 30 Operating
July 2023 through February 2024
A-2b Cash Balances as of February 29, 2024

Item B Executive Officer’s Report
B-1 Receive Report #118 on the Next Gen System
B-2 Review and Approve Motorola Change Order #24-Jail DAS-
Report to follow

B-2a Motorola Change Order #24, dated 01/18/2024
B-3 Adopt Resolution 2024-01, to Revise the MERA Local Debt Policy

B-3a Resolution 2024-01
B-3b MERA Local Debt Policy
B-4 Adopt Resolution 2024-02, Authorizing the Issuance and Sale of Special Parcel Tax Revenue Bonds, Authorizing and Directing the Execution of a Finance Agreement, and Indenture of Trust, A Continuing Disclosure Agreement, A Bond Purchasing Agreement and An Official Statement, and Directing Certain Related Actions in Connection Therewith

B-4a Resolution 2024-02
B-4b Indenture
B-4c Financing Agreement
B-4d Preliminary Official Statement
B-4e Bond Purchase Agreement
B-5 Review and Approved the 2024-2025 Draft Proposed MERA Operating Budget Package

B-5a Proposed Fund 30 Operating Budget
B-5b Leases and Utilities
B-5c Capital Budget
B-5d Member Contributions for Operating Budget Only
B-5e Additional Capital Contribution $425
B-5f Total Member Contribution