Staff Reports

Governing Board Meeting – July 26, 2023

Item A Consent Calendar
A-1 Approve Minutes from June 28, 2023 Governing Board
Regular Meeting
A-2 Receive June Budget Update

A-2a June 2023 Operating Budget — Fund 30
A-2b June 2023 Fund 30 Cash Balances
A-2c June 2023 Project Budget –Fund 38
A-2d June 2023 Balance Sheet by Consolidated Classes
A-3 Receive Fitch Press Release re MERA Rating

Item B Executive Director’s Report
B-1 Receive Report #112 on the Next Gen System

B-2 Review and Approve Amendment #4 to Agreement with Town of Corte Madera for Administrative and Finance Support

B-2a Fourth Amendment to Services Agreement

B-3 Approve a Resolution to Join the California Special District Association (CSDA) and Approve the Agreement for Insurance Coverage with Special District Risk Management Association (SDRMA), Authorize Executive Officer to execute such documents as deemed necessary, and appropriate the necessary funds for the insurance premium

Item C Operations Reports
C-1 Receive MERA System Operations Update- June

NEWS HANDOUT – Next Gen Project – July 2023 GB Update