Staff Reports

Governing Board Meeting – January 27, 2021

Item A-1 Minutes from December 9, 2020 Governing Board Regular Meeting
Item A-2 Report No 105 on Strategic Plan Implementation

A-2a Strategic Plan Implementation Report No. 104
Item A-3 Report on Next Gen Project Skyview Terrace Communications Site License – Approval by MERA Executive Board
Item A-4 Report on Rescission of AECOM Office Space Amendment to Office and Support Services Agreement between MERA and Town of Corte Madera
Item B-1 Report No 79 on Next Gen System Project

B-1a Report No 78 – Next Gen System Project
Item B-2 Proposed Cost-Sharing Agreement between MERA and AT&T for Trench at Next Gen Tomales Site

B-2a Proposal from JFC Construction, dated 01/07/21 for Job #CCU0273-Valley Ford
Item B-3 Proposed Bid Package No. 1A (Dollar Hill, Mt. Tiburon and Stewart Point) and Notice Inviting Bids

B-3a Project Initiation for Bid Package 1A, dated 01/18/2021
Item B-4 Proposed Confirmation and Ratification of Next Gen Project Big Rock Ridge and San Pedro Ridge Site Licenses First Amendments between MERA and C&C Equipment Company
Item B-5 Proposed Next Gen Project Muir Beach Site Lease Agreement between MERA and Muir Beach Community Services District

B-5a MERA Muir Beach Site Agreement, dated 1-14-21
B-5b MERA Muir Beach Exhibit B, dated 12-23-20
Item C-1 Report on Gen 1 Risk Mitigation Initiatives
Item C-2 MERA System Operations Update – December
Item C-3 Other Information Items – Miscellaneous DPW Updates
NEWS HANDOUT – Next Gen Project – January 2021 GB Update