Staff Reports

Executive Board Meeting – March 12, 2014

Item B-1 Resolution of Commendation – Roger Meagor
Item B-2 Resolution of Commendation – Tom Horne
Item B-3 Draft Minutes of the EB Meeting 1.8.14
Item B-4 Report #18 on Strategic Plan Implementation
Item B-5 Update on Novato Fire District Request for Executive Board Seat
Item B-6 Transmitted Under Separate Cover: Proposed Draft Dollar HIll Tower Site Sublicense Between MERA and GGBHTD

B-6a: Draft Sublicense
Item B-7 Transmitted Under Separate Cover: Bi-Monthly Report on MERA Reserve Funds Balances
Item C-1 Trasmitted Under Separate Cover: Report from Project Outreach Subcommittee on Second Poll and Revised Outreach Plan Budget

C-1a: Proposed Revisions to the Outreach Plan and Budget
Item C-2 Transmitted Under Separate Cover: Selection of Engineering Firm and Approval of Negotiated Procurement – MERA Forbes Reservoir Utilities Undergrounding Project

C-2a: Report on MERA and Subleases Utilities Undergrounding – Forbes Reservoir Tower Site
C -2b: Harris Proposal
C-2c: MMWD Forbes Hill Reservoir District Lease No. 67
C-2d: Request for Proposal for Engineering Services
Item C-3 Proposed Preliminary FY14-15 Operating, New Project Financing and Refunding Revenue Bonds Budgets

C-3a – MERA Budget: FY201402015 Proposed Preliminary
C-3b – 5-Year Training Expense Summary (DPW)
Item D-1 Request for Waiver of Radio Moratorium
Item D-2 Update on Gateway Repeaters
Item D-3 FY 13-14 System Analysis Capital Projects Update
Item D-4 MERA System Usage 2006-2013