Staff Reports

Governing Board Meeting – March 22, 2023

Item A-1 Approve Minutes from February 22, 2023 Governing Board
Regular Meeting
Item A-2 Receive 2022 Measure A Annual Report, provided by NBS
Item B-1 Receive Report #109 on the Next Gen System

B-1a Project Change Order 01 for Bid Package 4 –
Coyote Peak Electrical Redesign
Item B-2 Discussion Item: MERA Budget Update, March 2023

B-2a FY22-23 — Fund 30 Operating Budget
B-2b FY22-23 — Fund 38 Project Budget
Item B-3 Discussion Item: Proposed FY23-24 Operating and Project Budgets and Review of Agency Contributions

B-3a FY23-24 Proposed Budget — Fund 30 Operating
B-3b FY23-24 Proposed Budget — Fund 38 Project Budget
B-3c FY23-24 Proposed Budget — Total Agency Contribution
B-3d FY23-24 Proposed Budget — Cash Balances as of 2/28/23
Item C-1 Receive MERA System Operations Update- February
NEWS HANDOUT – Next Gen Project – March 2023 GB Update