Staff Reports

Governing Board Meeting – July 27, 2022

Item A-1 Approve Minutes from June 22, 2022 Governing Board
Regular Meeting
Item A-2 Receive and File Report No 127 on Strategic Plan Implementation
Item A-3 Adopt Resolution 2022-08 Reconsidering the Circumstances of the COVID-19 State of Emergency and Making Findings in Connection Therewith to Authorize Public Meetings To Be Held Via Teleconferencing Pursuant To Government Code Section 54953(e)
Item B-1 Receive Report No 102 on Next Gen System Project
Item B-2 Bid Package #1A- Approve the Notice of Completion
and Change Order 006

B-2a Project Completion Memo, dated 04/29/2022
B-2b Bid Package 01A, Proposed Contract Change Order #006, dated 07/27/2022
Item B-3 RGS Contract Update
Item C-1 Receive MERA System Operations Update – June