Staff Reports

Governing Board Meeting – August 26, 2015

Item A-1 Minutes from June 24, 2015 Governing Board Regular Meeting
Item A-2 Report No 30 on Strategic Plan Implementation

A-2a Report No 29 on Strategic Plan Implementation
Item A-3 Next Generation System Project Costs Reimbursement Update
Item B-1 Next Generation System Project Communications Flow – Including FE Monthly Reports

Item B-2 Proposed Wireless Communications Consultant Contract between Federal Engineering and the County of Marin

B-2 Contract Attachment
Item B-2 Summary of Comments from Executive Board

B-2 Contract Attachment
Item B-2 Professional Services Contract

B-2 Contract Attachment
Item B-3 Creation of Next Gen System Project Fund

B-3a Resolution 2015-06 Next Generation System Project Fund
Item C-1 Work Statistics/Status Reports