Staff Reports

Governing Board Meeting – August 22, 2018

Item A-1 Minutes from June 27, 2018 Governing Board Meeting
Item A-2 Report No. 71 on Strategic Plan Implementation

A-2a — Report No. 70 on Strategic Plan Implementation
Item A-3 Report on Measure A Senior Exemptions
Item A-4 Proposed Resolution Authorizing Destruction of Certain Records
Per MERA’s Records Retention Schedule

A-4a — Resolution Authorizing the Destruction of Records
A-4b — Records Destruction Authorization Form: MERA D15
Item A-5 Report on Trustee 2018 Member Agency Billings for 2010 Bonds

A-5a — Secure Message Email from U.S. Bank
Item B-1 Report No 44 on Next Gen System Project

B-1a — Report No. 43 on Next Gen System Project
Item B-2 Report on Regional Interoperability

B-2a — Potential 700/800 MHz Interoperability
            Channel/Talkgroup Layout
B-2b — Potential UHF Interoperability Channel Layout
Item B-3 Proposed MERA Microwave Data System Access Policy and Procedures

B-3a — MERA Microwave Data System Access –
            Policy and Procedures
B-3b — Letter of Agreement for Use of the MERA Next Gen
            Microwave System
Item C-1 CEQA Process and Schedule Update – Next Gen Project
Item C-2 Report on Retirement and Replacement of Richard Chuck,
Communications Engineer/County DPW
Communications Engineering Services Manager
Item C-3 MERA System Operations Update – June and July, 2018
NEWS HANDOUT – Next Gen Project – August 2018 GB Update