Staff Reports

Finance Committee and
Next Generation Project Oversight Committee Meeting — June 15, 2017

Item A Draft Minutes of Next Gen Project Committee Meeting 11-9-16
Item B Draft Minutes of Finance Committee Meeting 2-22-17
Item C Update on Next Gen System Project
Item D Revised Next Gen System Implementation Agreement Budget
Item E Motorola Contract Change Order for Fire Station Alerting
Item F Review of Updated Draft of Next Gen Project Budget, Funding Sources, Project Milestones and Cash Flow Schedule
Item G Motorola Contract Change Order Policy and Proposed Contract Contingency

G-1 — Appointment of NGPOC Ad Hoc Advisory Subcommittee
(2-3 members)
Item H Recommendation on Conventional Radio Channels and Related Costs
Item I MERA: Next Gen Radio Packages

I-1 — MERA: Next Gen Radio Packages (Draft) dated 06/06/2017
Item J Next Gen Project Oversight Committee’s Future Role Discussion