Staff Reports

Executive Board Meeting – September 9, 2020

Item A-1 Minutes from March 11, 2020 Executive Board Regular Meeting
Item A-2 Report No. 99 on Strategic Plan Implementation

A-2a Strategic Plan Implementation Reports No 93 – 98
(G.B. Meetings March – July 2020)
Item A-3 Engagement of Maher Accountancy – FY2019-20 Measure A Parcel Tax Independent Compliance Audit

A-3a Proposed Engagement Letter to Perform 2019-20 Measure A Parcel Tax Independent Compliance Audit from Maher Accountancy
Item A-4 Confirmation of Executive Board Member Appointments:
Effective September 12, 2020 – September 12, 2022
Item A-5 Final Report on MERA/County of Marin Mediation Expenditures
Item B-2 Report No 73 on Next Gen System Project and Budget Summary

B-2a MERA Project Budget and Expenditures Summary
B-2b Next Gen System Project Reports No 67 – 72
(G.B. Meetings March – July, 2020)
Item B-3 Proposed Professional Services Contracts – Site Borings, Soils Testing and Fiber Pulls

B-3a WBE quote for EOF Fiber Pull, dated 06/22/2020
B-3b WBE quote for Civic Center to Radio Shop Fiber Pull, dated 08/18/2020
B-3c Price Listing for Invertors, dated 08/31/2020
Item C-1 Report on MERA Operations Officer Replacement and DPW Current System Staffing
Item C-2 Request for Additional Radio – Office of the District Attorney, Marin County
Item C-3 MERA Operations System Update – July and August
Item C-4 Other Information Items