Staff Reports

Executive Board Meeting – September 8, 2021

Item A-1 Minutes from March 10, 2021 Executive Board Regular Meeting
Item A-2 Report No 113 on Strategic Plan Implementation
Item A-3 Bi-Monthly Report on MERA Reserve Fund Balances
Item B-1 Selection of Executive Board Chair and Vice Chair
Item B-2 Report No 87 on Next Gen System Project
Item B-3 Review MERA’s Reserve Funds Policy Following Governing Board’s April 28th Discussion of New Replacement Fund

B-3a Reserve Funds Policy
B-3b April 28th Staff Report on Proposed New System Replacement Fund
Item C-1 Update on Risk Mitigation Efforts

C-1a Updated quote from Tempest Telecom Solutions
Item C-2 MERA System Operations Update – July