Staff Reports

Executive Board Meeting – May 8, 2013

Item A-1 Minutes of March 13, 2013 Meeting
Item A-2 Proposed Agreement for FY12-12 Audit Services Maher Accountancy

MERA 2013 Audit Services Agreement
Item A-3 Proposed Fourth Amendment to Office and Staff Services Agreement Between MERA and Novato Fire Protection District
Item A-4 Report #12 on Strategic Plan Implementation
Item A-5 Confirmation of Bi-Monthly Regular Executive Board Meeting Dates: FY13-14
Item B-1 MERA Governing Board Members & Alternates

List of Governing Board Members
Item B-2 Proposed FY13-14 Technical Services Agreement Between MERA and County of Marin

Technical Services Agreement
Item B-3 Proposed FY13-14 Communication Engineering Services Agreement Between MERA and County of Marin

Communication Engineering Services Agreement
Item B-4 Propsed FY13-14 MERA Operating Budger and Zero-Rate Fee Schedule for Nonmember Users

MERA Budget: Proposed FY 2013-2014
Item B-5 Proposed FY13-14 New Project Financing and Bonus Budgets
Item B-6 Recommendations from Project Oversight Subcommittee RE: Strategic and Outreach Plans Implementation

B-6(1a): Special Project Manager – MERA
B-6(1b): Resume – Jeffries
B-6(1c): RGS Agreement
B-6(3a): Annual review of MERA Strategic Plan-Propsed Administrative and Opertations Guide
B-6(3b): Operations Report
B-6(4a): MERA Next Generation System – Outreach Plan
B-6(4b): Next Generation System Outreach Plan FY2013-2014 Projected Budget
B-6(5): MERA: Tentative Master Calendar Before November 2014 Election
Item B-7 System Analysis FY12-13 Capital Projects Update and Proposed FY13-14 System Analysis Capital Projects
Item C-1 Update to Mutual Aid Communications Plan

C-1(a): MERA Mutual Aid Communications Plan
Item C-2 Report on Coverage Committee
Item C-3 Status of FY12-13 Equipment Replacement Requests and Proposed FY13-14 Equipment Requests
Item C-4 Request for Waiver of Radio Moratorium – MCSO
Item C-5 MERA Systems Operations Update