Staff Reports

Executive Board Meeting – March 13, 2013

Item B-1 Minutes of January 16, 2013 Meeting
Item C-1 Report #11 on Strategic Plan Implementation

C-1a: Report #10 on Strategic Plan Implementation
C-1b: Next Generation System Outreach Plan FY2012-13 Budget Update
Item C-2 Approval of NBS Proposal – MERA Parcel Tax Study

C-2a: Request for Proposal – Parcel Tax Study
C2-b: NBS Proposal – MERA Parcel Tax Study 2.26.13
Item C-3 Request for Recalculation of MERA Member Debt Services Payments Based on Current Radio Totals – City of Novato

C-3a: Excerpt from MERA JPA Agreement
C-3b: MERA Current Member Agency Debt Service & Radio Allocation Comparison – 1/16/13
C3-c: MERA Additional Radios Policy and Procedures
Item C-4 Proposed Preliminary FY13-14 MERA Operating, New Project Financing, and Revenue Bonds Budgets

C-4a: MERA Budget: FY2013-2014 – Proposed Preliminary
C4-b: FY 12-13 MERA Reserves Budgets (Page 2)
C4-b: FY12-13 MERA Reserves Budget (Page 1)
Item D-2 MERA System Operations Update 3.5.13
Item D-3 Update to VHF Overlay Plan
Item D-4 FCC Public Notice – T-Band Options