Staff Reports

Citizens Oversight Committee (Measure A) – September 20, 2017

Item A Draft Minutes Meeting 6-21-17
Item B Update on Status of Next Gen System Project
Item C Update on NBS Measure A Parcel Tax Administration Services
and Contract Fee

C-1 — Addendum to Original Agreement to Provide Optional
          Post Election Tax Administration Services
          for the Marin Emergency Radio Authority
C-2 — Annual Tax Administration Services for
          Marin Emergency Radio Authority
Item D Update on Measure A Parcel Tax Delinquent Utility Parcel Payments
Item E Review of Funds 70038 and 70039 – Next Gen Project Revenues and Expenditures

E-1 — FY16-17
E-2 — FY17-18 / July 1, 2017 – September 12, 2017