Staff Reports

Board of Directors Meeting – December 10, 2008

Item B-2 Approve Resolution Adjustment of FY07-08 MERA Op Budget for CSI Telecom Services

Resolution Approving Adjustment of FY07-08 MERA Op Budget for CSI Telecom Services
Item B-3 Recommend Board approval resolution authorizing destruction of certain MERA records

Resolution Authorizing Destruction of Records
Records Destruction Authorization Form
Item B-4 Recommend Adoption of Resolution Amending MERA Records Retention Schedule

Resolution Amending The Document Retention Schedule
Records Retention Schedule
Item B-5 Proposed Contract Between MERA & Gladwell Governmental Services – Phase Two (Active Records)

Phase 2 Contract
Item B-6 Proposed MERA Office Space Lease

Office Space Lease – Marin Community Foundation (MCF) Property Holdings, Inc.
List of Toured Private & Public Office Space
Office Space Lease Terms
Item C Nomination of Officers for MERA Board

MERA Board List
Item D-1 Annual Progress Report On Authority Operations & Activities

2008 Annual Report
Item D-2 Forbes Hill Reservoir County Facilities Abatement Project Scope & Cost Estimate
Item D-4 Confirmation of Bi-Monthly Executive Committee Meeting Dates – FY 2008-09
Item E-5 Status/Work Statistics Reports