Member Agencies
Governing Board Members
Tiburon Fire Protection District
Richard Pearce, President
Town of Corte Madera
Todd Cusimano, Vice President
City of Belvedere
Craig Middleton
Town of Fairfax
Rico Tabaranza
City of Larkspur
Dan Schwarz
City of Mill Valley
Alan Piombo
City of Novato
Amy Peele
Town of Ross
Tom Gaffney
Town of San Anselmo
Steve Burdo
City of San Rafael
David Spiller
County of Marin
Matthew Hymel
City of Sausalito
Melissa Blaustein
Town of Tiburon
Ryan Monaghan
Bolinas Fire Protection District
George Krakauer
Inverness Public Utility District
James Fox
Kentfield Fire Protection District
Mark Pomi
Marin Community College District
Jeff Marozick
Marin Transit
Amy Van Doren
Marin Municipal Water District
Ben Horenstein
Marinwood Community Services District
Eric Dreikosen
Novato Fire Protection District
Lj Silverman
Ross Valley Fire Department
Tim Grasser
Southern Marin Fire Protection District
Cathryn Hilliard
Stinson Beach Fire Protection District
Jesse Peri
Central Marin Police Authority
Michael Norton
* Legend
CM City Manager
CA County Administrator
FC/BC Fire Chief/Battalion Chief
GM General Manager
PC Police Chief/Police Captain
PM Public Member
D Policy & Legal/Programs Director
CC/BM City Council/Board Member
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Governing Board Members
Contact Information
c/o Town of Corte Madera
300 Tamalpais Drive
Corte Madera, CA 94925
Phone: (415) 927-5050

Terms of Office:
The Appointing Body of the Member Agency determines the term of the appointment of each member of the Governing Board.

Compensation: None

Reimbursement: None

Biographies: See Member Agencies Websites
Due to the size of the Governing Board and number of turnovers, continuous maintenance of biographies would be overly burdensome and costly for MERA.

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Administrative Officials
MERA has no employees. MERA contracts for the following part-time positions:

Mary Morris-Mayorga, Interim Executive Officer
Dave Jeffries, Deputy Executive Officer, Next Gen System Project
Maura Griffin, Administrative Assistant, Next Gen System Project
Andrew LeBlanc, MERA Operations Officer
      Telecommunications Manager — Dept. of Public Works, County of Marin

Contact Information
c/o Town of Corte Madera
300 Tamalpais Drive
Corte Madera, CA 94925
Phone: (415) 927-5050

Contract hourly rate established annually by Governing Board

Benefits: None

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Executive Board
Effective June 20, 2012 the MERA Board of Directors adopted a new governance structure, which includes an Executive Board consisting of 9 members. For more information, please reference “ORGANIZATION”.

Todd Cuisimano, Chair
Town of Corte Madera, Town Manager
Representing Ross Valley Cities/Towns
Corte Madera, Fairfax, Larkspur, Ross and San Anselmo

Robert Doyle, Vice Chair
County of Marin, Sheriff

Dan Eilerman
County of Marin, Assistant County Administrator

Darin White
City of San Rafael, Fire Chief

Matt McCaffrey
City of Novato, Police Chief

Richard Pearce — Representing Fire Services
Tiburon Fire Protection District, Fire Chief

Michael Norton — Representing Police Departments
Central Marin Police Authority, Police Chief

Representing Southern Marin Cities/Towns
Belvedere, Mill Valley, Sausalito and Tiburon

Don Wick
Marin Municipal Water District — Watershed Protection,
Chief Ranger
Representing Special Districts
Inverness Public Utilities District, Marin Community College District,
Marin Municipal Water District, Marin Transit, and
Marinwood Community Services District

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Finance Committee
Matthew Hymel, Chair (Governing Board Member)
County of Marin, County Administrator

Tom Gaffney, Vice Chair (Governing Board Member)
Town of Ross

Greg Chanis
Town of Tiburon, Town Manager

Robert Doyle (Executive Board Member)
County of Marin, Sheriff

Michael Norton (Governing Board and Executive Board Member)
Central Marin Police Authority, Police Chief

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Next Generation Project Oversight Committee (NGPOC)
Todd Cusimano, Chair
Town of Corte Madera, Town Manager
Alternate: Mike Norton
Police Chief – Central Marin Police Authority

Vacant, Vice Chair
Alternate: Jeremy Pierce
Battalion Chief – County of Marin

Adam McGill
City of Novato, City Manager
Alternate: Jim Correa
Police Captain – City of Novato

Robert Doyle
County of Marin, Sheriff
Alternate: Jamie Scardina
Undersheriff – County of Marin

Gerald McCarthy
Novato Fire Protection District, Battalion Chief
Alternate: Open

Governing Board President
Richard Pearce
Tiburon Fire Protection District, Fire Chief

Executive Board
Todd Cusimano, Chair
Representative: Ross Valley Cities/Towns
Alternate: Dan Eilerman
Assistant County Administrator – County of Marin

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Measure A Citizens Oversight Committee (COC)
COM Supervisorial District Member Term
District #1 Elizabeth Greenberg 5/13/19 -5/13/23
District #2 Bill Levinson 5/13/19 -5/13/23
District #3 Vacant 5/13/21 -5/13/25
District #4 Larry Luckham 5/13/21 -5/13/25
District #5 Paul Herrerias 5/13/19 -5/13/23
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Executive Officer Work Plan Committee
Todd Cusimano (Governing Board and Executive Board)
Town of Corte Madera, Town Manager

Tom Gaffney (Governing Board and Finance Committee)
Town of Ross

Richard Pearce (Governing Board and Executive Board)
Tiburon Fire Protection District, Fire Chief

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