Staff Reports

Governing Board Meeting – October 25, 2023

Item A Consent Calendar
A-1 Approve Minutes from September 27, 2023 Governing Board
Regular Meeting
A-2 MERA September Operations Budget Report

Item B Executive Director’s Report
B-1 Receive Report #114 on the Next Gen System

B-2 Review and Provide Direction: MERA IP Network

B-2a MERA Connectivity Presentation

B-3 Review and Approve Motorola Contract Change Order #22 for the Motorola Warranty Update

B-3a Motorola Change Order #22 –
Extended Warranty (Early Order/AFG)

B-4 Review and Approve Access to MERA Reserve Funds to Pay County of Marin Expenses from past Fiscal Year Reconciliation

B-4a County of Marin Invoice Face Page

B-5 Review and Approve MERA to Engage Sperry Capital Inc. for Financial Advisor Services for the Additional Financial Needs for the Next Gen Project, and Approve Necessary Budget

B-5a Motorola Change Order #21 – County Fire Dispatch Center Transition (Equipment and Services)

Item C Operations Reports
C-1 Receive MERA System Operations Update- September

NEWS HANDOUT – Next Gen Project – October 2023 GB Update