Staff Reports

Executive Board Meeting – September 10, 2014

Item A-1 Draft Minutes of 7-14-14 Executive Board Rescheduled Meeting
Item A-2 Draft Minutes of 8-13-14 Executive Board Special Meeting
Item A-3 Bi-Monthly Report on MERA Reserve Funds Balances
Item A-4 Report on Bay Hill Site Lease – Cost reimbursement Project
Item A-5 Report #21 on Strategic Plan Implementation
Item A-6 MERA Executive Board Membership List
Item B-1 Mid-Year Review of Excecutive Officer Work Plan and Hours-Executive Officer Work Plan Committee

EO Work Plan Update 8-31-14
EO Hours Recap 8-31-14
EO Scope of Services CY2014
Item B-2 Report from Ad Hoc Subcommittee on Citizens Oversight Committee (COC)
Item B-3 MERA Community Presentations – Update
Item B-4 Report on Bodega/Bay Hill Tower and Site Leases
Item C.1 Review of FY 14-15 Operating Budget Trainging Line Item
Item C.2 Request for Review of Additional Radios Policy and Procedures
Item C.3 MERA Operational Issues Working Group
Item C.4 Review of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Radio Transmissions
Item C.5 Review of MERA Generators Shelter Options
Item C.6 Review of Bolinas Fire Volunteer Paging Transmitter Relocation Project
Item C.7 Marin County Fire Department Fire Detection Camera Project
Item C.8 Status/Work Statistics Reports